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Just a quick 'HI' to everyone and wishing you a happy and safe new year!

Just letting you in on some news...In Pieces- the first book of the Pieces Trilogy, AND Shattered Pieces the second book of the trilogy are available on sites currently published under JK Publishing (Based in Colorado). Both are available in ebook form and will be avail in print copy as well, soon. The ones there now are older and do NOT have the new edits in them. Broken Pieces is in the process of editing and should be available soon, in January. I do NOT have that date, yet.

Returning for Ryder- yup, that's available in ebook AND print right now on sites.

Remote in the Shadows is done and in editing currently with NNP (Based in Canada). The new cover is finished and beautiful and we are planning on a cover reveal in a few weeks. Release date for the book in set for March, 2017.

Amazon author page-

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